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Start Date: 2020-11-23

Bidding Method (Proxy Bidding)

Bidder A can enter a proxy Maximum Bid that they are willing to bid up to and be protected in the auction till their Maximum Bid is beaten.


– “Zebra with Spots” has a starting bid of £100.

– John places a maximum bid of £125. His current bid starts at £100.

– Mary places a bid of £120, but is told that her bid is lower than John’s bid.

– The current bid of John is now raised to £120.50 to defeat Mary’s bid of £120.

– Mary can choose to place a new bid which is more than £120.50, to outbid John.

– Bid increments are automatically calculated by the bidding algorithm. The higher the bidding goes the higher the calculated bid increments get.

How do I know if I am winning an auction?

When you are on the auction page, simply refresh the page or click the Refresh Current Bid link on that auction page. The current bid will be displayed on top, names are anonymised, but you will be informed via email if you are outbid.

How do I pay after I win an auction?

If you win an auction you will get an email with payment instructions and a link to PayPal – there is no requirement to sign-up to PayPal if you would rather not (or are not already signed-up) – you can simply enter your card details as directed.

If you have questions about payment please contact me drwhall [at]